Composite Bushings

Composite Bushings

Kintowe composite bushings can replace more traditional bronze, nylon, POM and wood materials. It can offer higher load capacity and better dimensional stability than many other nonmetallic materials because of its high strength, low friction, good wear resistance etc.

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Product Details

Material properties:

Compressive strength:  330MPa (ASTM D695)

Tensile strength:  45Mpa (ASTM D638)

Hardness Rockwell M:  90 (ASTM D785)

Density:  1.2-1.4(g/cm³)

Water Swell<0.15% (ASTM D570)

Kintowe composite bushings are laminated polymer materials made by impregnating textile with thermosetting resins. They have below advantages:

Coefficiet of friction

Kintowe composite bushings have lower coefficients of friction than bronze in both static and dynamic situations. It is common to achieve 50% lower coefficients of friction when transitioning to composites. Bronze bearings pose a risk for metal to metal contact if grease is non-existent or not sufficient to support the shaft, and may develop high break-away torque requirements after prolonged periods of rest. Kintowe bushings are self-lubricated, minimizing the concerns with lubrication systems, specifically in high load, slow speed, or oscillating applications.



Moisture absorption can create swell and expansion of the bushing material and potentially premature failure. Some common plastics in use today have water absorption rates as high as 5-7%, which can lead to bore closure of the bearing and seizing on the shaft. Our bushings have a negligible absorption of less than 0.1%, and effectively eliminate this concern when moving away from a metallic solution.


Light Weight

In large bushing and component sizes, the weight savings of going from a bronze or other metallic solution to Kintowe composite products is substantial. Greatly reducing the material handling issues and installation challenges customers may have experienced with typical greased metallic bearing solutions.



Kintowe Composite materials are more elastic and will conform non-permanently at a lower pressure than bronze, allowing it to work well in misaligned conditions. At higher operating pressures composite materials conform more to the shaft and the housing than bronze, better distributing the pressure across the bearing contact area which can help eliminate the effects of galling which is a leading cause of bronze bearing failures.



Externally lubricated bronze bushing and bearings rely on boundary layer lubrication to prevent damage due to metal to metal contact. This layer of lubrication is susceptible to pressure distribution. In the areas with edge loading or uneven pressures, the lubrication will reside in lower pressure regions; resulting in loss of lubrication in the critical high pressure regions. Kintowe composites do not rely on external lubrication to provide this boundary layer; the lubrication is evenly distributed through the bearing material.

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