Bearing Rings

Bearing Rings

Bearing rings for hydraulic cylinder rods and pistons
Kintowe manufactures all wear rings according to the customer’s specifications. Based on outside diameter (OD),Width(W) and thickness (T), wear rings are available in inch or metric dimensions.

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Product Details

Kintowe bearing rings are made by impregnating fabrics with thermosetting resins, which are designed to allow ideal movement between parts and prevent metal to metal contact in hydraulic cylinders. Reduce overall maintenance and increase wear life. Due to its good advantages, they are ideal for high performance applications.

Kintowe bearing rings have good performance in heavy duty applications, as they are very flexible and have good compressive strength to stand high loads shock and long-time working.


  • It can absorb the size's load

  • have good abrasion resistance

  • have high load acpacity

  • prevent metallic contact of the sliding surfaces

  • with low repair cost

We can manufacture the bearing rings as per customer's drawing, standard and non-standard size is acceptable.

If you have any requirements, pls contact us directly.

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