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Polymer composite application
- Aug 17, 2018 -

A polymer material is a material composed of a compound having a relatively high molecular weight. Many of the natural materials we come into contact with are usually composed of polymer materials such as natural rubber, cotton, and human organs. The same is true for synthetic chemical fibers, plastics and rubber. Generally speaking, a polymer that has been widely used in life and has been formed into an industrialized production scale is a general-purpose polymer material, and is called a functional polymer having a special purpose and function. Polymer is a form of life, and all living things can be regarded as a collection of polymers. Natural polymer materials such as branches, hides, and straw are the first materials used by human or human-like ancient intelligent organisms. In the long river of history, paper, gum, silk and other products processed from natural polymers have been intertwined with the development of human civilization.