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PTFE engineering plastics machining process
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Engineering plastics such as PTFE have been widely used in every corner of our lives, ranging from drinking cups to spaceships flying into space. It can be said that people are inseparable from these polymerizations. New materials coming.


The insatiable pursuit and improvement of the processing and production process of plastic materials is the tireless pursuit of every plastic practitioner. In addition to conventional injection molding processes, extrusion processes, blow molding processes, compression processes, injection molding processes, solid phase molding processes, etc., engineering plastics machining processes are also important processing methods for today's engineering plastics molding processes.


Engineering plastics machining process generally refers to a processing method for precise secondary processing of engineering plastic profiles by multi-function CNC machine tools or laser engraving machines. It is generally applied to high precision requirements, complex internal structure, urgent demand time, and other processes. Satisfy the processing of workpieces.


Machining mainly includes: turning, milling, drilling, threading, punching and other special processing techniques; the main tools are: milling cutters, saw blades, punching tools, etc., fine machining generally uses milling cutters; : cutting, cutting, throwing, drilling, spiral processing, etc., Shenzhen Decheng Wang Teflon products are selected for automatic lathe processing and CNC machining.