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Principle And Use Of PTFE Seals
- Aug 17, 2018 -

Cylindrical PTFE sealing plug valve, the valve body is equipped with a Teflon sleeve matched with the valve plug, which is pressed against the seat ring of the valve body by a compression nut, and the sealing is by the valve plug It is achieved by a certain amount of interference with the Teflon sleeve, that is, the pressing force of the valve plug on the Teflon sleeve to achieve sealing. Therefore, it is required that the surface roughness of the valve plug and the Teflon sleeve must be small, and the geometrical error must be small to achieve the specific pressure required for the seal. If the seat sleeve needs to be pressed again to restore the seal to the seal, it must be yellowed in the valve closing position to prevent the Teflon sleeve from being pressed into the runner.