• PTFE Moulded Tube

    PTFE Moulded Tube

    Kintowe can produce many kind of PTFE moulded tubes, like PTFE filled with carbon powder, carbon fiber, bronze, graphite, MoS2 etc.Read More
  • Hydraulic Wear Ring And Guide Ring

    Hydraulic Wear Ring And Guide Ring

    The function of hydraulic wear rings is to guide the piston and piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder, absorbing transverse forces.At the same time, it prevents metal-to-metal contact, optimizing the performance of the sealing system.Read More
  • PFC-3 Guide Rings

    PFC-3 Guide Rings

    Dimension: 20~520mm or customizedRead More
  • Composite Bushings

    Composite Bushings

    Kintowe composite bushings can replace more traditional bronze, nylon, POM and wood materials. It can offer higher load capacity and better dimensional stability than many other nonmetallic materials because of its high strength, low friction, good wear resistance etc.Read More
  • Wear Bands

    Wear Bands

    Wear band design considerations:
    • Tolerances
    • Materials
    • End cut
    • Wear band location
    • Wear band height
    Read More
  • Thrust Wahers

    Thrust Wahers

    Kintowe thrust washers can accommodate heavy axial loads and are suitable for relatively slow rotational or oscillating movements. They also have good dimensional stability and thermal conductivity.Read More
  • Phenolic Bushings

    Phenolic Bushings

    Kintowe phenolic bushing is made of cotton fiber with thermosetting phenolic resin that possesses high strength and is both resilient and durable which makes it the ideal choice for multiple industries and applications.Read More
  • PTFE Bronze Filled Bar

    PTFE Bronze Filled Bar

    High thermal conductivity
    Better creep resistance
    Good wear resistance
    Read More
  • PFC-22 Composite Bushings

    PFC-22 Composite Bushings

    Good chemical resistance
    Good wear resistance
    High load capacity
    Excellent dimensional stability
    Low water absorption
    Read More
  • Bearing Tapes

    Bearing Tapes

    have good wear resistance
    excellent coefficient of friction
    good compression strength
    easy to machine and install
    long service life
    Read More
  • Hydraulic Rod Glyd Ring/step Seal

    Hydraulic Rod Glyd Ring/step Seal

    Material: PTFE+Bronze
    NBR O-ring
    Size: Standard and non-standard
    Working medium: Hydraulic oil, gas, water, etc Working pressure: ≤40MPa Working temperature:-30~+150℃(mainly depend on the material of O-ring
    Read More
  • Bearing Rings

    Bearing Rings

    Bearing rings for hydraulic cylinder rods and pistons
    Kintowe manufactures all wear rings according to the customer’s specifications. Based on outside diameter (OD),Width(W) and thickness (T), wear rings are available in inch or metric dimensions.
    Read More
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