PTFE Products

  • PTFE Moulded Tube

    PTFE Moulded Tube

    Kintowe can produce many kind of PTFE moulded tubes, like PTFE filled with carbon powder, carbon fiber, bronze, graphite, MoS2 etc.Read More
  • PTFE Bronze Filled Bar

    PTFE Bronze Filled Bar

    High thermal conductivity
    Better creep resistance
    Good wear resistance
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  • Bearing Tapes

    Bearing Tapes

    have good wear resistance
    excellent coefficient of friction
    good compression strength
    easy to machine and install
    long service life
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  • Hydraulic Rod Glyd Ring/step Seal

    Hydraulic Rod Glyd Ring/step Seal

    Material: PTFE+Bronze
    NBR O-ring
    Size: Standard and non-standard
    Working medium: Hydraulic oil, gas, water, etc Working pressure: ≤40MPa Working temperature:-30~+150℃(mainly depend on the material of O-ring
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  • Rod Seal

    Rod Seal

    Rod seal
    Material: Composite PTFE ring with O-ring NBR 70(Black)
    Temperature (°C): -30 to +150(Depending on the material of the O-ring)
    Working Pressure (MPa): ≤ 40
    Reciprocating motion rate: ≤5m/s
    Working medium: Hydraulic oil, air, water,...
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  • Guide Strips

    Guide Strips

    Guide strips
    Material: PTFE+40% Bronze powder
    Working temperature: with strong heat resistance
    from -120℃ to + 120℃ for long term
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  • DFG-120 & DFG-130 Guide Tapes

    DFG-120 & DFG-130 Guide Tapes

    DFG-120&DFG-130 guide tapes:
    Due to its excellent low friction, corrosion resistance and thermal stability, PTFE is widely used in friction parts and obturators; especially it can be used in corrosive mediums, and no other metallic or nonmetallic material can. As a...
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  • Slideway Soft Strips

    Slideway Soft Strips

    Material introduction of slideway soft strips (YT)
    Kintowe YT slideway soft strips, a kind of turning soft Tape made of PTFE, filled, modified, and surface activated, has excellent friction and wear-resistance characteristic and almost same static and dynamic friction...
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  • PTFE Turning Soft Tape

    PTFE Turning Soft Tape

    Good self-lubricating
    High compressive strength
    Excellent elongation percentage
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  • Sealing Strips

    Sealing Strips

    Advantages of DF-102 material:
    Excellent elongation
    Good wear resistance
    Good sealing performance
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  • Glyd Rings

    Glyd Rings

    With good abrasion resistance, oil proof and erosion resistance, the products can be used under the pressure from 0 to 40MPa. As its good temperature tolerance, it can be used in an environment from – 30℃ to +150℃。(Depending on the material of the O-ring)
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  • Step Seals

    Step Seals

    As its high abrasion resistance, oil proof and erosion resistance, the products can be used under the pressure from 0 to 40MPa. Temperature range is from – 30℃ to +150℃。(Depending on the components used for O-ring)Read More
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