Hydraulic Rod Glyd Ring/step Seal

Material: PTFE+Bronze
NBR O-ring
Size: Standard and non-standard
Working medium: Hydraulic oil, gas, water, etc Working pressure: ≤40MPa Working temperature:-30~+150℃(mainly depend on the material of O-ring

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Product Details

Kintowe hydraulic rod glyd ring/step seali is a very effective and reliable low frictional seal,it comprises a PTFE ring, strengthened with additives to resist creep, which is pre-loaded by an O ring to be effective for the operating pressure range recommended. As the pressure rises the O ring deforms and compresses the PTFE ring against the tube wall increasing the sealing force and the effectiveness of the seal. As only the PTFE ring is in contact with the sliding surface, friction is very low and stick-slip movement is eliminated.



Agriculture equipment

Forklifts & handing machinery


Easy to install

Long service life

Used as a rod and piston seal in reciprocating and rotary applications

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