PTFE Bronze Filled Bar

High thermal conductivity
Better creep resistance
Good wear resistance

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Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is also known as Teflon, a non-stick material frequently used in cookware and protective clothing. There are a host of industrial uses for this versatile material, too. PTFE is widely used in the aerospace, food and drink manufacturing, pharmaceuticals etc.

Because it is highly flexible, PTFE can creep and deform under heavy loads. This potential disadvantage can be obviated by adding a filler in order to benefit from the properties of both materials. Fillers can also add properties such as improved thermal conductivity, for applications that demand good heat dissipation. These alternative additives include carbon, graphite, stainless steel, molybdenum disulfide, bronze, and polyimide.

PTFE - Bronze Filled - This filler has better wear, creep resistance, and higher thermal conductivity than glass fiber with PTFE. Bronze-filled PTFE is useful in applications which undergo high mechanical loads or high-speed rubbing contacts where the bronze filler supplies the strength and conductivity to carry away excess, unwanted heat. 


Piston seals

Wear guides

Slide bearings

Valve housings, seats



In summary, filled PTFE comes in many forms, each with unique benefits. Raw PTFE is already a versatile and extremely useful substance, and it can be further improved and tailored by the addition of various fillers. Several aspects should be considered when sourcing filled PTFE for a specific application. Does it require increased or reduced friction? What about thermal conductivity? Is compressive strength absolutely key? Different quantities and grades of filler can be added, and different fillers can even be combined to result in an even better solution. 

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