Self-lubricating PTFE Bearings

Self-lubricating PTFE Bearings

01 They can be used in oil-free lubrication for long term, with PV limit value of 4m/s.Kg/cm²
02 They can avoid the bearings’ friction and wear of frequent start and stop
03 They are suitable to be used in oil-free lubricating rubbing parts work under condition of corrosion medium environment and extreme temperature(from-250°C to ﹢260°C)

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DF series self-lubricating PTFE bearings

Characteristic of DF series self-lubricating PTFE bearings:

01 DF Series self-lubricating PTFE bearing can apply to no fuel or difficult to refuel places, can be used without maintenance or less maintenance.

02 Good wear resistance, small friction coefficient, long service life.

03 With the right amount of elastic-plastic, the pressure distributes in a wide contact surface, improve the bearing capacity.

04 Static and dynamic friction coefficient are similar, can eliminate the low-speed crawling, so as to ensure the accuracy of the mechanical work.

05 Can reduce the mechanical vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution, improve working conditions.

06 The transfer membrane can be formed in the process of operation, to protect the grinding shaft from getting stuck.

07 The request hardness of the shaft is low, even the shaft without quenching can be used, thereby reducing the processing difficulty of the relevant parts.


Typical Application:

Large oxygenator

Industrial boiler

Gas equipment

Hydraulic equipment


There are four series DF self-lubricating bearings:

Fit-tolerance and dimension of the DF-P sliding bearings


Fit-tolerance and dimension of the DF-F flange bearings


Fit-tolerance and dimension of the DF-T thrust bearings



Fit-tolerance and dimension on the DF-L lined bearings


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