Guide Strips

Guide Strips

Guide strips
Material: PTFE+40% Bronze powder
Working temperature: with strong heat resistance
from -120℃ to + 120℃ for long term

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Product Details

Guide strips made of PTFE filled bronze, as a kind of soft taps serve to guide pistons and rods. It can prevent metallic contact of the machine parts and absorb the transverse force that occurs. Guide strips made of PTFE filled bronze compounds are with excellent wear resistance, it can guarantee the piston or piston rod’s smooth running, which minimize the stick-slip effect, they are suitable for medium surface pressure.


Product assembly:

Guide strips are produced on rolls, it can meet the guidance sealing requirements of various type and nonstandard hydraulic or pneumatic systems’ pistons and piston rods. And you can cut to the required length.


There are some different cutting types: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°. We recommend 45°or 60° bevel lap joints to connect the tapes.


 Additional lubricants can be added into the guide strips, a chamfer on the edges prevents edge compression in the groove corners and facilitates installation.

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